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The Key To Life

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Welcome to The Key to Life, our Home. My name is Peter Hogan and I want to help you find The Key to Life

I want to do my best to change your life, to make success second nature to you, and to help you become what you can.

I can show you exactly what is holding you back, how it happened, and how you can change it.

I will show you how, by knowing the key to life, and using it properly, you can change the basic Operating System of your mind to achieve your dreams, goals and quality of life in a remarkably short period of time.

We carry on where the Secret left off.. 

Here you will find the Key To Success.

The Key To Life.

You know, so many people go through life ‘stuck’. Every day is the same, opportunities are few, and those that do appear usually don’t work out. They’re frustrated because they look around and see other people becoming successful and they think ‘Why not me?’

Well, it could be them, if they knew how to use The Law of attraction…

Anybody – and I mean anyone in the world – can achieve massive success in any field they wish, whether that be wealth creation, business, relationships, sport, or personal happiness by helping their own personal development.

Use me as your Personal Life Coach. Let me help you to focus, build motivation, acquire a more positive state of mind and achieve the level of success you desire and deserve.

Please spend some time here: read the articles, watch the videos and if you’re inspired please Contact Us to see how we can work together to take your life to the next dimension or just to receive updates when we add new material etc.



My life was always the same, nothing new ever happening for me. Since I met Peter and joined his mentoring programme my perspective on life has totally changed in so many ways. I believe in myself more and have started to take on more challenges which I never thought I could do. My life is now moving in the right direction. I wish I’d done this sooner!

Eve Atat.


Success in business requires a radically different way of thinking that you don’t get taught in school. Peter knows how to skillfully unravel negative thought patterns and attitudes that get in the way of making fast progress.  Amongst other things, I’m particularly grateful for his ability to help me build both confidence and focus – two things which contribute to the positive mindset required for effective action and sustained business success.

Will Williams


I was stuck in a dead-end job going nowhere when I met Peter. I joined his mentoring programme and property business opportunity and my life started to change almost immediately. I completed eight property deals in a matter of weeks!
I had faith in Peter and his programme but the results exceeded even my wildest expectations. Don’t think  about it – just join him and get going…

Richard Boxford

Just what is Success?

We’re all chasing success in one way or another, whether it’s the quest to become a Money Magnet, or to succeed at business, sport or in personal relationships.

We all want to know The Secret to Success. The Key to Life…

Blame your parents!

Success is simply realizing a dream, a goal or an ambition, whatever they may be, and most people achieve success by having a home, partner, children and a J.O.B.

The problem is that some dreams are not always our own dreams: they’re very often our parent’s dreams, in other words, what our parents wanted for us.

They meant well, of course, but years of hearing “Now you work hard at school, get a good job and you’ll be alright…” and it becomes part of your paradigm, part of you – who you are.

You work hard to achieve that particular ‘dream’ and for many people it is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and they’re happy with that.

However, many other people start to feel a discontentment: they know there’s more, they want more, but they don’t know how to get it.

They feel unfulfilled. They don’t have The Key to Life, and they don’t realize it.

The problem

The trouble is that their parents didn’t prepare them for anything more. A good job was their dream – it’s what 98% of the population aspire to – and they wanted that for you, not even thinking for a moment that you could have bigger and better dreams…

This is where people become ‘stuck’. They are stuck in their daily/monthly/yearly routine and become comfortable with it. They earn enough money to pay the mortgage, buy a car and go on holidays, but there’s very little left over.

Still, they always have enough money to ‘get by’. They’re in the ‘Comfort Zone’ and that’s the danger: there is no pressing need or urgency to push themselves on. They get by, they don’t have to struggle and life, to be fair, isn’t too bad, so that’s where they’ll stay.

The good news

For those who do want more, however, we have some good news. Success – any kind of success – is not just for a chosen few. Anybody in the entire world can enjoy any level of success they desire, in any capacity or field they wish, and it doesn’t matter what age, sex, colour, or creed you are.

It doesn’t matter if you’re intelligent, whether you went to university or what you’re good at.

It doesn’t even matter whether you’re a good person or a bad person. Anybody can achieve any amount of success… and that means you!

All you have to do is understand The Law of Attraction…

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