Paradigms and Cybernetic programmes

Just what is a paradigm, you may be asking. The Oxford dictionary describes it thus:

A typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model.

That is exactly what it is. Each of us has our own paradigm planted firmly in our subconscious mind that is a sum total of all our beliefs – limiting and empowering – that combine to produce ‘Us’. Who we are, what we are. Our character, our moods, our abilities.

Our paradigm is our ‘Operating System’ and our life is dictated by the mental software programmed into our subconscious mind by external events. It determines our baseline, how we behave and react, our reaction to adversity and our propensity to survive. Our paradigm is our mental instruction manual. We are set in a mould, and our life will follow the same pattern.

Within our main paradigm can be any number of ‘mini paradigms’. For example, whilst some may have a ‘money is bad’ paradigm, they could easily be good at another discipline: sports, relationships etc. and any combination.

So how do these paradigms work to control our life? They each produce a Cybernetic Programme.

Sounds like we’re starting to get a bit technical? Don’t worry: it’s not that bad and it illustrates just how things work. Now whilst the word ‘cybernetic’ suggests technical control, we can use the expression to explain perfectly how how our paradigm are affected.

There are two main types of cybernetic programme: physical and psychic. Let me explain a couple of physical CP’s for you. If you have a central heating system, you will have a thermostat on the wall. You adjust a temperature reading on the dial to say 23 degrees and the programme will continue to maintain that temperature. It become the status quo. The only way you can change the temperature in a permanent way is the change the settings in the system. To change the programme.

Imagine a pilot flying from London to Boston. Pre-flight he sets the route into the automatic pilot – the system. If at any point the plane veers off course the programme will act to change the plane’s heading and bring it back on course, and it will continue to bring the plane onto it’s pre-determined course until the course is changed inside the programme.

It works much the same with ourselves. Our paradigms, using information from our subconscious beliefs, determine our life course. Our ‘programme’. Our course, or programme, is our cybernetic programme, and is lodged deep in our subconscious. Remember that we are unable to reason with or reject information within our subconscious mind. Whatever is there, is real.

Our cybernetic programme works to protect us. It operates at the very centre of our comfort zone. If anything happens in our life that moves us too far away from our ‘heading’, our cybernetic programme works to bring us back to where it thinks we should be.

An example would be someone who is trying to lose weight. They go on a diet, lose a few pounds or kilos, but then what happens? Yes, it goes right back on. It’s not their fault: their cybernetic programme is working to re-establish their life course. They will never permanently lose weight until they change their weight paradigm first.

The biggest example of the cybernetic programme in action relates to our wealth paradigm.

It is a fact that 2% of the world’s population control 98% of the world’s wealth. 98% of the world’s working population are in a job, working for a wage or a salary. Only 2% of that working population will ever break free and become wealthy. 98% of the working population are doomed stay where they are, financially, and there is nothing they can do to change that unless they change their paradigm first.

I have been involved in property investment in the UK for well over thirty years and have met, and taught, many newbie (and some not so new) investors in that time. They all shared a common interest: they wanted to become wealthy, and saw property investment as the route to take. Now, it should be a simple process: go on some courses, learn how to negotiate, source some deals and you’re off, right!

Yes, that’s all it takes. It really is easy. In fact, as I’m fond of saying when I’m at a speaking event, making money is EASY! In fact, it’s so easy it’s ridiculous.

And yet, 98% of those wannabees get nowhere. Some don’t even start. Some start but don’t commit. Some fall by the wayside. Some have an initial success but don’t carry on. But look, it’s not their fault!!!

Much as they might want and desire success, they are hamstrung by their limiting beliefs, paradigms and cybernetic programmes.

They are doomed to remain right where they are, unless they takes steps to change their inner beliefs first.

A person’s financial (and any other) situation can change, however, through circumstances not of their own making. Take lottery winners, for example. A sudden influx of money has moved their position away from their wealth life course, but that is not a permanent move. It can’t be. Their life course is one of NOT being wealthy, and so their cybernetic programme kicks in to bring them back on course, back to their status quo. They start to squander their new-found wealth. They make wrong decisions and invest in dodgy schemes. In the main, 98% of all lottery winners are back where they started within two years.

You must understand this: all this is wrapped up as part of the Law of Attraction. It is a universal law and affects everybody. It does not matter how intelligent you are: the world is full of broke geniuses. It is irrelevant what school or university you went to or what qualifications you have. Your colour, creed or nationality make no difference whatsoever. It doesn’t even matter whether you are a good or bad person.

Look through the early careers of the world’s top and most successful businessmen. It is a fact that 98% of them either went bankrupt with their first business or escaped bankruptcy by the skin of their teeth. The reason is simple: they had early success with their new business and made a lot of money quickly. However, that initial success was only a temporary diversion from their life course, and their cybernetic programme was working to restore their position. The smart ones figured out what was wrong, made the necessary changes and went on to virtually rule the financial world. The not-so-smart ones you never heard from again – they are just another failed business.

Do you want change in your life? Do you want success? Then change your paradigm first. If you want help with that, contact me.