How it started

I started teaching property investing strategies around fifteen years or so ago through the medium of day courses, workshops and seminars. I was proud of them: my content was as good as I could make it, and my strategies were tried and tested by myself in the field with massive success – I knew they worked.

I was very surprised, then, by how few of the attendees actually took action and did anything!

I found this very troubling, and wondered if I was doing something wrong, but research revealed that this figure was in fact very typical across the board and for almost any kind of teaching seminar/workshop/course/programme.

Eventually, and after much digging and questioning, I discovered the reason for this phenomenon: I found that approximately 98% of the population had limiting beliefs – usually acquired during childhood and often from their parents – that prevented them from taking the focused action that was required to achieve financial or any other kind of success. 

Their subconscious mindset was holding them back, and they didn’t know it!

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Enter Personal Mentoring!

Clearly, short courses and workshops only work for a very limited number of people – less than 2% of the population in fact. 

Now, people who pay good money to attend a training course are obviously keen to benefit from it and gain tangible results in their field. They WANT to be successful, but wanting isn’t enough.

Also, the quality of the content and the teaching is, to a point, irrelevant, as is the individual’s ability to learn. 

The deciding factor is the individual’s ability to apply the learning to their life or business.

This ‘Success Factor’ is determined by a number of things: their limiting beliefs, their cybernetic programme, their paradigm. 

These are deep-rooted in their subconscious mind, accumulated through a lifetime of experiences, and work to prevent them achieving the success they want.

My programmes

So, I scrapped my short training courses, and made them into information courses instead.

These are where attendees can find the bigger picture on how to become successful, what is holding them back and why they struggle to achieve personal success, and how they can reverse previous results.

I bundled all my property investing strategies (around 20 or so) and structured a 12 month coaching programme but in parallel with that I included my Mindset Success Programme designed to enable my students to utilise their learning and achieve the success they desired. 

The results were amazing! I pretty well reversed the earlier proportions with an almost 98% success rate!

However, some students wanted just the Mindset Success Programme and not the property investing programme because they had other areas of their life where they wished to succeed, and so I now provide the option: The combined programme called The Mastermind Property Success Programme and the stand-alone Mindset Success Programme.

Both are 12 month programmes with structured, personal content.

But what is a Personal Mentor?

As we all know, a Personal mentor is an individual, usually older, always more experienced, who helps and guides another individual’s development in their chosen field. 

Personal mentoring is being guided on a personal, one-to-one basis to help you achieve your goals sooner and to a higher level. 

Incidentally, sitting in a classroom with 30 other students once a month is NOT personal mentoring – it’s group coaching, and is not the same thing at all.

Why would you want a Personal Mentor?  Do you need one?

Just look at all the top sports stars and businessmen. 

They all have Personal mentors, and you can see the difference in their game or business results as a consequence. 

None of them are so great that they think they can’t learn or improve!

Frankly, I think everyone should have a personal mentor. It would certainly have helped me in my own development in property investment.  

I would not have made some of the mistakes I have made. I would have focused more on the right areas. I would have made plans and set specific goals.  I would have achieved more, quicker.

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So, how can Personal Mentoring help?

Give you increased confidence and help you structure your business more efficiently.  Personal mentoring can help you focus on your goals. It will help you build expertise and networks.  Broaden your knowledge. Sharpen your skills.  

Oh, and make you more money!  In effect, it is a shortcut to success, learning from someone else’s mistakes and experience.

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What’s involved?

We will have an initial telephone call (or a face-to-face meeting if we’re close enough) where we establish your current position and determine reasonable and achievable goals. 

Set out a programme based on your time, finances, resources and commitment designed to achieve your goals within twelve months.  

The idea is to have you become efficient in your chosen area of property investment or any other area of life and be able to work independently to establish or grow your own portfolio or success.

We have you write down your goals and structure a plan that will guide you to success.  We have you identify tasks that you need to complete, and help you in your development. 

We assess your progress and determine your next steps, dealing with any issues that have arisen, assisting with problems, identifying your weaknesses and playing to your strengths. 

Helping you face the challenges of the property business and/or life and create new ways forward. Teaching you a new skills and help you improve your motivation and performance. We help you to succeed!

We meet weekly, either in person or on Skype to review progress and determine the next steps, but you always have contact with me if you need help or advice in the interim.

And what will you achieve?

For The Mastermind Property Success Programme, a fuller understanding of the property market and how it works.  How to use various “creative” strategies to your advantage. How to build a massive property portfolio, both residential and commercial, with very little cash for investment.

Sourcing, negotiation, selling deals and building your portfolio and more. You will have sharpened skills and increased confidence, and the knowledge that you can succeed in any situation. 

You will also benefit from our Mindset Success Programme, which is included in it’s entirety. You will also have the opportunity to go into business and Joint Venture with me!

What’s next?

Contact me for a personal chat. No sales pitch, just good, honest advice.

I look forward to working with you.


*We are members of the EMCC. (The European Mentoring and Coaching Council)